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The sign of submariners/attack subs. I had a boomers' sign but presented it to demobilized Bundeswehr'ers in Muenchen under affect of the local beer :) No sense, just so.

A VERY PERSONAL REMARK, don't click if you don't feel like it


excellent place to buy a book. Seems that there are any books

I have found some I failed to find in other places.


A place to look for Soviet collectibles.

Both links are non-commercial.

Ekipazh (People) section: read about retrieval of T- 34 in 1998 and OT-34 in 1999

Links updated on Jan.20, 1999

Batman (The real emblem of GRU) and 80th Anniversary of GRU (Nov.98) signs.

Jan.24, 1999: Article NEWS added. Section GUESTS started.

On air  Section Updated 


Train of friendship 9.05.2000 Hardware Misc.tanks at agitation train
T-34/76 in detail 9.05.2000 Hardware in two parts
BT in Belorussia 11.04.2000 People thru Ekipazh
Ekipazh/T-34 in 2000 P.2-3 11.04.2000 People Cont.
Ekipazh/T-34 in 2000 P.1 10.04.2000 People Part1 about a new T-34
Air Force losses 23.03.2000 General Official statistics
New song added, V-Day 10.03.2000 General Under numerous requests
Fighting Tigers 8.03.2000 Tactics N/A Translation of 1943 instruction
 89th Guards Rifle Division by Brian Weathersby 12.01.2000 Guests
OT-34 in Kubinka 16.09.99 People Photoes of OT-34 /Ekipazh/OT-34
Pz38(Tsch) 16.09.99 People

Ekipazh digged burned hull of Pz38(t)

167th Div. 22.07.99 guests Another article by Doug Drabik !


people 9.05.99 Cosmetic update of section and articles on retrieved tanks
German light tanks 6.01.99 hardware


Pictures of some German tanks
Misc. 3.01.99 General


Colored scan of Guard sign added. The Order on the Guard Banner modified. 3 more Songs added.
Order of the GPW 3.01.99 General


100 years to Koshkin 20.11.98 People


The Anniversary of T-34 designer.





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