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  180th Infantry Division "Kievskaya" by Doug Drabik

Since Dec.24, 1997, the date I uploaded my page on the Web, I received a good deal of mail. I would like to thank each and every, who has written to me or will write yet.

As it turned out, many of you, dear readers, have explored some specific historical questions more deeply than I ever intended. Some provided additional information to the existing articles. I know how many efforts AND hours it is worth.

After thinking over the situation, I decided on the following suggestion.

I dare all who feels like working out an article about the Red Army but is not up to his own site or anything, to share it thru my page with others. At least it will be better than to keep the results of many hours of efforts in garage or our contributions will be published as is, corrections, if any, after OK from author.

Thanks in advance.

Alexei Nikiforov please use this address for sending materials

July 22, 1999

 167th Rifle Division by Doug Drabik
 89th Guards Rifle Division by Brian Weathersby

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