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Some useful or interesting links

Go To GeoWorld Geoworld. A comprehensive collection of selected Internet resources and much more.

Polygon. A site of Mike Svirin & others, who knows what they write about. The site is dedicated to armor with some interesting articles foreseen in future.

Red Star/Black Cross. A site dedicated to the VVS (Soviet Air Force) of the WW II. Detailed bio on a few aces.

The Red Steel. Nice site from Sweden about Russian armor. Very interesting pics of ex-German vehicles at Russian service.

The Russian power. Cool site about the Fleet. Mostly in Russian, partly in English, but very nice design.

The Russian/Soviet Navy from pharaons to almost present time. Some general reading from St.Petersburg, Russia.

Recomended. Want to see the Red Square in real time? Here is the link. I use it from time to time myself. :) Just in case, it is the Kremlin, Moscow, Russia.

Military Parade -The Website of the official magazine of the Russian defense industry contains some pics and description of Russian made weapons. The magazine itself is in the extremely good printing quality and expensive. In Russian and English. Missing a price list and they don't sell on-line, too.

Track-Link - the classic Website of Paul Owen with tons of info.

Tony Matteliano's Scale Model Bookmarks A must for a Web surfer. Logically separated links to numerous places of interest.

Francis_Liew's Home Page A short history of units of almost all armies, too short to my taste, but a good place to get the idea of units' history.

World War I Modeling Page (Air).

Military Equipment of the Former USSR & Russia This page contains description of Russian weapons and their versions. Heavy to download due to the extensive graphics but worth waiting to.

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