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Songs of the war time.

There are songs and music, which are an integer part of the history. These pieces sounded thousands times and the whole generations of the people in the USSR have grown on them. Just a few examples. The Great Patriotic War can not be imagined without its symbol, moving and patriotic "The Holy War" created in June 1941. The next song, "In the forest near the front" reflects memoirs of soldiers during the short rest before attack under the music they heard before the war. Brave and brassy " Song of Moscow defenders" is typical sample of patriotic song of the time ( We all as iron wall, will defend the city of our dream and kill vermin...)

A couple of more songs performed by well-known singer Claudia Shulzhenko. Both were as known as The Holy War : Let's smoke and Blue Shawl. and remained still popular long after the war. Blue Shawl is in original recording and I decided against removing hisses. Taste the flavor of old LP's :) The Fleet loved also the song Farewell the rocky shore (The Motherland called us and we are off at sea, the shore dissappeared and only waves around our ship. The fight is ahead, but we will be back with victory...)

Despite the next song is relatively modern I decided to included it under numerous requests. After its release this song become practically official song of the Soviet Army. So, V-Day.


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