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This section is dedicated to the people at war - soldiers, commanders, memoirs and more.

Tanker Aces

Ekipazh: One more T-34 !

A new T-34 raised! See Ekipazh section for details.

In the beginning of March 1999 one more T-34 was raised from the lake near Moscow.

With one, retrieved in November last year, that made two tanks in less than half a year!

Both tanks are now in Kubinka museum.

 Ekipazh:The Crew - the Russian group searching and salvaging the tanks, aircraft... (In co-operation with Ekipazh).
See photo reports about raising tanks!

Episodes - the memoirs of the tanker

The letter from Mr. Clements, British veteran of the WW II.

21 November 1998: 100th Anniversary of M.Koshkin, designer of T-34

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