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Projects of the SAS group Ekipazh in 1998

The following was derived from the actual documents of the group. However, carrying out the works depends on the financing from those who cares about the history, and might or might not be fulfilled, despite the very moderated calculation of the costs.

The exact locations are not mentioned in this publication due to the evident reasons.

 Comments: "delivery in Moscow " means delivery to the special designated site at the War memorial in Moscow. The locating means that there is reliable witnessing on the interest's position, but it is yet to be determined precisely. In other cases, the location has been already pinpointed.

The priority operation means that the tank may be lost if not retrieved urgently.

  1. The salvage operations near Moscow, including the burying of the remains of tank crews and delivery of elements of tanks T-26 in Moscow. 300 man-hour. 1 truck.

  2. The salvage operations under Kaluga (200 km from Moscow). Burying of the crews. Delivery in Moscow of turrets and guns of T-34/76, T-60, T-70. 800 man-hour. 1 truck.

  3. The retrieval of KV-1 and I-16 fighter in Tverj district (100 km from Moscow). Delivery in Moscow.
    The search - 200 man-hour, estimated. 1 truck.
    Retrieval - 1,500 man-hour and engagement of special equipment: low-loader, crane, bulldozers.

  4. Locating the gun tower "Stalinez", trucks GAZ-AA and ZiS-5 in Novgorod area with further delivery in Moscow. Burying of the remains of soldiers. Estimated 700-750 man-hour, 3 trucks.

  5. The salvage operations in St. Petersburg area with burying of the remains and delivery in Moscow the elements of tanks. 800 man-hour, 1 truck.

  6. The priority operation on the retrieval and the delivery in Moscow of Valentine tank from Pskov area. Burying of remains. 1,000 man-hour, 2 trucks, including KrAZ-255B.

  7. Locating the sunken tanks in the area of Istra, Moscow district.
    Estimated 300 man-hour, 1 truck.

  8. Locating the sunken Soviet aircraft in Kaluga area.
    Estimated 800 man-hours, 2 trucks.

  9. Preparation for the retrieval of the sunken Soviet tank KV-1 in the area of Kaluga. The tank stays tightly closed and unopened since the war!
    Estimated 300 man-hour, 1 truck.

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