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The clips below were taken from the book of advises to tankers issued in 1944. I have picked up a few samples, which fascinated me most.

Long live the tank!

T-34-85 of Lt. Sinitzyn sustained battle damage: the split bored the hole in the gun. The hole was in 15 cm from the gun muzzle. Do you think that tank was sent for the repair? Never! The crew spent the hole night cutting off the damaged part by file and in the morning the tank was combat ready. Actually, the book gave a hint on shooting from the shortened gun.

Hide and hit

Two T-34's under the command of Lt. Pavlov was tasked to set up an ambush for the retreating Germans. The terrain profile did not allow to hide the tanks. However, the detailed investigation proved that the tanks could not be seen from the road if placed in the river (the depth allowed it). So it was done. The observer took a position in the bushes. In some time a group of 10 trucks and a Panther appeared on the road. As soon as the target was in position favourable for an attack, the Russian tanks suddenly appeared from the river. The Panther was killed at the point blank range and T-34's handled the trucks at their leisure.

Hit and hide

Two Russian self-propelled guns (the type was not specified, probably, SU-76m) in ambush among small hills detected three German self-propelled guns on the road. The Russian SU's went up the hill and from the hill's top shot at the Germans. Before they answered, the SU's rolled back behind the hill. After a few roll-on, roll-off 's all three German Stug's were destroyed. The Germans failed to hit the ever changing position Russian machines.

Treasoning trees

A battery of German mortars was driving an especially annoying fire at the Soviet troops on the other bank of a river. T-34 of Lt.Pavlov was ordered to suppress the battery. The direct fire could not reach the target on the hidden position as all the tankers could see were the tree tops . The tankers started to shoot at the tops of the trees growing near the battery. On the second try the shells hit the trees the right way and detonated. The splits hit the battery. The task was accomplished.

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