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Dear guests,

Why all this? Basically, because there is an abundance of the Balkenkreuze on the Web, and not only on the Web. I'm not against Tigers and Panthers as such. To my taste, there is just a bit too much of them as the Allies deserve more coverage than they have now.
The Soviet Union is/was the country with rich, if unpredictable, and controversial history and it was fun knocking up pieces of information.
Originally I intended to make a page on the Russian AFV with some expansion to the Air Force subjects. The page tends to be more about the Red/Soviet Army in general. The content is not an impecable truth as it is impossible to avoid personal attitude and the data might change as new findings will come out. So, the usual disclaimer is applied.

Plans are big. The life will show if I will live up to them. This page will be always under construction as the subject is way too wide. I can not, nor wish to, prevent you from downloading materials. Please, feel free to copy whatever you like. Just notify me, or make a proper reference/link, if you intend to use them elsewhere except in your collection.

This is my first try in creating a Web page, so if you find any bugs or have comments, suggestions, questions, please, write me.

And, no, the page is not sponsored by the Army. In fact, by no one excluding an attempt at New page.

I hope that you would like my little work. Thanks.

Alexei Nikiforov

Dec. 22, 1997. mod. Oct.25,1998

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