2000: T-34 from lake Bor-Lazava

More detailed report to follow. Please find below photoes taken on the spot.

russia2.jpg (18495 bytes) russia1.jpg (20836 bytes)

More or less panoramic view of the place. Left photo shows the place of digging yet to be made. The other one depicts the base lager.

digging.jpg (17817 bytes)

The excavator was used for partial removal of dirt at the first stage.

tractors.jpg (37183 bytes)

The heavy tractors appeared on the stage after the way was cleared.

work-digging.jpg (18026 bytes)

work-hull.jpg (25007 bytes)

Joint efforts of tractors raised the tank to the surface.  At first a track, and later bottom saw the light after years of being buried in dirt.



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