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T-50: Soviet light tank


 T-50 was an attempt to replace T-26 showing its age in 1940. Despite its short battle history, the tank is an interesting sample of design as it had torsion suspension, like KV, and armor plates placed at rational angles, like T-34. The tank was approved for mass production.

The problems with engine, which was not finished on time and adjustment for mass production resulted in delays. All in all, 50 tanks were made in Leningrad before evacuation of the plant in Omsk. Works No. 174(Omsk) produced 15 more tanks.

Interesting that just before the war, the State Commission recommended to improve the design of T-34. T-34 was to obtain torsion transmission, commander cupola and increased turret. The project, called T-34M, looked like scaled up T-50.

Technical data.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 5200x2450x2165 mm

Combat weight: 14.5 to

Engine: diesel V-4 300HP

Crew: 4

Gun: 45-mm with 150 shells

MG 7.62-mm with 4000 shots

The pictures were made in the Kubinka museum .





Alexei Nikiforov Pics made by Roman Alymov

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