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  The Order of the People's Commissar of Defense

No. 232 of June 16, 1943/Order of Supreme Soviet of the USSR of June 11, 1943 on the Flags of the Guard Armies and Corps.

... The Guard Red Banner obliges all personnel of the Guard Armies and Corps to be an example for all other formations and units of the Red Army.

... The Guard Red Banner is presented in name of the Supreme Soviet by the representative of the People's Commissariat of Defense.

The Guard Army or Corps retains the Guard Red Banner independent of the change of name or numeration...

The Banner has the length 175cm, the width 115 cm. Three sides of the perimeter are decorated with the pattern of stars, sickles and hammers. The edges of the banner are decorated with the fringe of golden color. On the face side, the 48x46cm portrait of Lenin is placed in the middle of banner. Above the portrait a slogan " Za nashu Sovetskuj Rodinu" (For our Soviet Motherland) and under the portrait "CCCP" (USSR) are embroidered in golden silk.

On the other side of the Banner, the Sign of Guards is placed in middle of wreath from oak leaves with the diameter of 60 cm. The slogan " Death to the German Occupants" is placed above the wreath, below the wreath there are the name and number of the Guard Army. 

The Banner of the 3rd Guard Tank Army.

The Army was formed in May, 1943. The 3rd Guard Tank Army distinguished itself under command of Gen.-Lt. Rybalko in Kursk-Orel battle, crossing of Dnepr, Berlin and Praga operations. 287 soldiers became the Heroes of the Soviet Union, 8 - twice.

The photo depicts all the details stipulated by the Order. The slogan reads Death to German occupants.

 The wooden flagstaff with the diameter of 4 cm and the length of 2.5 m is painted in dark brown color. The lower end of the flagstaff has the metal ring, the upper end is topped by metal decorative ferrule. The bow is made from the red silk, the edges of the bow are decorated with the golden fringe, and the ends are decorated with tassels. The bow has embroidered golden stars.

Total length of the bow is 1-1,25 m.

(The Guard Corps Banner is the same but without oak leaves and the Sign of Guards is 38x50 cm).

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