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Have you ever seen a hunter who does not tell the hunter's stories? I do not. Here are the stories, and the real ones at that. So, it is just bare facts in a nutshell.

  Ekipazh: 1996

During the year the group found and buried 46 unknown soldiers, in the biggest grave under St. Petersburg remains of 41 men were buried.

Remains of two Soviet pilots were found and one, Capt. Titenkov K. , identified.

The grave of 75 German soldiers with authentic board.

In the autumn of 1996 the pieces of Ju88 were found with the remains of the German crew. The remains of German pilots were submitted to the representatives of the German Embassy in Moscow.

Many personal belongings were found.

Following items were found damaged to a different extent and retrieved:

German tanks- Pz.-II, Pz.-III, Tiger, Panther, Pz-38(t)
Aircraft- FW-189
Motocyles-2 BMW-R-35, BMW-R-4

Soviet tanks - 4 T-26, BT-2, ASU-57, gun tower Komsomoletz
Automobiles - GAZ-AA, GAZ-67B,
Aircraft-Yak-1, Yak-7B, Pe-2, Il-4, Il-2, LaGG-3.

The a/c Aircobra (USA) and tank Matilda (UK) were retrieved and delivered in Moscow.

The hull of Matilda

Some items were restored:

ASU-57, GAZ-67B, GAZ-AA, BMW-R-4.


Ekipazh: 1997

Due to the financial constrains the work of the group was limited to the collecting and checking the information as well as locating the tanks and aircraft in hope for the changes to the better in 1998.

Retrieval of T-34 gun.

5 early T-34/76 were located. The remains of crewmembers of one of them were buried. The gun of T-34 was retrieved and delivered in Moscow.

The careful search allowed locating KV-1, 5 T-60 , 122-mm howitzer M-30 and a big quantity of pieces of T-26 tanks, some of which were delivered in Moscow.

Pieces of two Soviet aircraft were pinpointed in the Moscow district (Pe-2 and IL-2).

The places with big number of unburied remains of soldiers of 112 tank brigade and 60 infantry division were determined.

The German ammo storage was found in the vicinity of the mansion - museum of Blok (famous Russian poet) and reported to the authorities. Unfortunately, the truck ZiS-150 from the collection of the group was lost due to the act of vandalism.

The samples from the collection were used on the celebrations of the Victory Day and other holidays. The members of the group in the authentic and/or restored uniforms took part in shows.

The show

During the show

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